Designing and creating landing pages, web communications, banner ads, HTML e-mails and e-newsletters including launching new campaigns, layout, concepts for social media, Handel deals,products and offers.

Pixel Arabia

Working with wonderful team closely as part-time and freelance.

In charge of UI&UX design and also working in Pixel UI developer (PHP) WordPress CMS.

Websites has be done like (, ( and (

Sarmady a Vodafone Co.

Working with agile team closely with product Management on requirements and functional Designs.

Developing prototypes, Producing Wireframe’s by more details, Flow Diagrams, Other design Related documentation, Mobile Apps, Maintaining User experience and UI standards Across browsers.

– In charge of website and working as a joker in other Portal websites “,,, and”.

– creating many options from wireframe and the layout for any new website “Portal, Mopile App” like (,, FilFan Wap Mobile and  X-Locator app).

– Involving into critical bugs to find the resolving.

The Consultants (KSA)

Business and Development is a National organization specialized In consultations.

Quality digital indoor, outdoor and Business development, The consultants is providing these services to all companies, Institutions andorganizations of different sectors both in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.

LinkdotNET “LinkonLine”

LinkonLine sub company of  The empire of LinkdotNet subsidiary of OTVentures, owning, managing and developing.

– I was charge of football portal, it’s one of  big websites in Egypt and gulf in sport.
– I was created some of big campaigns for Yallakora and Masrawy portals..
– Played one of the team to brainstorm of campaigns and sponsers.



ITQaan is a company that provides integrated E-Business Solutions.

I learned in this company are many things because it is considered the first work by the company and also gained them the spirit of the team because I do freelancing work, I made them with the new logo and some commercial sites for some companies too.